This blog post is about the 10 perfect places for a road trip in Sardinia. I will introduce you to the best 10 places that I visited myself! Excuse the quality, some of the pictures were taken with my old iPhone.

1. Alghero

The city where I stayed at has its own romantic and cozy flair. There are dozens of great Italian restaurants queueing next to each other. I would call it a food heaven for the ones who loves food with some good wine as much as I do. In Alghero, I happened to find my new favorite dish and experienced the most beautiful sunset dinner. Ever since I fell in love with the restaurant locating at the edge of the Sardinian city.


2. Stintino Beach 

Stintino Beach, a beach that offers natural clear bright blue water including a unique view of small mountains in the background instead of a classic horizon. This beach is perfect for snorkeling and observing the small fishes in the clear water. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any snorkeling equipments and couldn’t snorkel myself. Nonetheless I could still see a lot of fishes swimming without snorkeling.

Stintino Beach

3. La Maddalena 

This city looks different than Alghero. This city is a small island in north-western Sardinia. Like most Sardinian cities, it is very cozy.


4. La Maddalena Archipel 

This is the way to paradise. On the way to all the small islands I was crossing the National parc of La Maddalena.

5. Spargi Beach 

The water of Spargi beach was turquoise. It was truly like paradise. There, I had the chance to dive into the water from the boat. It was so much fun!

6. Santa Maria 

Oh my god! This is my favorite picture. A lonely white boat in the middle of paradise. But no, I was not allowed to drive this boat though… too bad. One day…! Santa Maria Beach is one of the dream beaches in Sardina. However, it is not easy to reach since you cannot get there with your car or public transportation but to book a boat tour through the national park “La Maddalena”. 

7. Budelli Beach

This beach is beautiful but in the same time dangerous haha. But i love the adventure. We had to climb over some cliffs to reach this point (picture). It was worth it though. The water was so nice. I was floating and enjoying my vacation for a while.

8. Tramariglio 

This is the view I had from the car on the “highway” to “Grotta di Nettuno”. It reminded me of “Highway No. 1” in the United States. But this was even better!

9. Grotta di Nettuno

One of the magical places on this earth. After 654 steps I finally reached the cave. How can I be so lucky to get to see this place with my own eyes. I mean this picture looks awesome, but you can’t imagine what it looked like in real. It is one of the dripstone caves you have to see in real. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any good pictures inside the cave because it was too dark. The fact speaks for itself!

10. Mugoni Beach 

After an exhausting trip to the cave, a relaxing afternoon at Mugoni beach wasn’t too bad. It was close to the place I lived and it was not too crowded. Perfect for a chill-out with some fresh soda on a boat.

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