It is mid-January – cold and dark when looking outside of the window. How is it possible to find happiness during this season? There is a lack of sunshine and it is impossible to go out and enjoy a nice weather wearing some shorts or summer dresses. Nothing is standing in the way of a winter depression…

I live in Germany, a place with an ice cold winter and short summer months. Because of that, I have always felt depressed seeing the dark sky and thought about ways to overcome this winter depression. The last couple of years I was lucky enough to be able to escape the German winter by spending it in sunny LA, paradisiac Cancún or Sydney. As a student, I have enough flexibility to travel to warm places during the winter time. But what if I’ll start working full-time and won’t have much time to travel anymore? I can’t keep escaping the winter here in Germany. That’s why I have to find ways to comfort myself and to embrace the winter happiness and I did. In the following I will share my thoughts with you how to find winter happiness.


1. Make yourself comfortable at home

This advice is kinda straight forward but yet many of you forget to do so. It is important that you make yourself feel comfortable at home in order to love staying there. During the winter, your home is the place where you will be spending most of your time because it is simply just too cold outside.

It can be very cozy to be at home during winter when you take care of the details. The first thing I do every morning is to drink a cup of tea or sometimes a hot chocolate (I am not a coffee drinker). I love hot drinks because it heats up my body and gives me energy to start my day. The second thing I always do is to light up a candle. I love candles, especially during the winter. Just a simple candle can make me happy even though it is dark and cold outside. One last thing that I need daily in order to find my winter happiness is to always have flowers at home. Decoration is very important to me because it creates a super cozy atmosphere.

2. Listen to acoustic or romantic music

To be honest, I am not the type who listens to music a lot because I feel distracted when working. But once in a while it makes me happy just to turn on some acoustic or romantic music. It is so calm and relaxing.

Music is actually proven to have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. If the winter darkness makes you feel depressed or stressed, then music can help a lot! I just found a new playlist which is so peaceful. If you are looking for some new songs, then check out the playlist “Kaffeehausmusik” on Spotify.

3. Use the winter time to educate yourself

I think this advice is a useful one because it is a practical one as well as it can help increase your winter happiness. I personally would seek this type of advice when looking for some.

Buy some non-fictional books that interests you and start reading. It is relaxing and makes you enjoy the winter more because you don’t feel like missing out on a nice weather when just sitting at home to read. At the same time you do something useful by educating yourself. I just got a few books to learn how to increase my effectiveness. Do you have a favorite non-fictional book? Leave me a comment below.

xx Lynn

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3 thoughts on “3 Ways to increase your Winter Happiness”

  1. Hello Lynn,

    nice article! I think, educate yourself is the best hobby in winter. Additional to gymn and netflix.

    We are in a good situation that we are blogger. In the winter time, we have more time for blogging. Even we can write articles, which we can publish in summer, when we want to stay outside and not writing blogs.

    So best regards from switzerland to germany,
    Alexander from

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