A self-help guide to learn how to slow down.

In today’s fast paced environment, it is nearly impossible to just do nothing. The need to maximize productivity is huge and we all are just seeking for advice how to make the most out of the day. It is totally understandable since there are so many opportunities open to you nowadays – both career-wise as well as personal.

Although, the pressure to be productive at any time which will result in exhaustlessness and demotivation in the long-run. The weekends serves for you to take a rest from the week. Have you yet experienced that you try to squeeze in one after another appointments into your calendar like dinner dates, family visits, business meetings etc.? Many of you would argue that it is a duty and checking of all the must-dos from your list at the weekends or after work will make you feel more productive. It might just be a productivity addiction. The workweek starts again on a Monday and ask yourself: Do you really feel rested there or just tired from the weekend? If that is the case, then it is a sign for you to learn how to slow down.

1. Change your attitude

Everything is a matter of your attitude. If you feel useless doing nothing and always have to fill your calendar with appointments, it will make you crazy in the long-run. You will run out of energy and you won’t be as productive anymore. Everyone needs to take a break once in a while. And while taking a break, you just simply have to enjoy it without thinking about the next plan.


2. Find some relaxing hobbies

Relaxing hobbies helps you feel less useless but yet you are charging your energy. For example, you can start finding creative hobbies like drawing or creating something. This idea is an inspiration from another very person. She loves arts and you can literally see it in her lifestyle. That is pretty cool! However, I prefer to read. Reading makes me feel productive, yet it is something for me to slow down.


3. Live in the moment

Goals, goals, goals and many more goals. No matter which goal you have reached so far, you will always seek for more. Have you caught yourself never being satisfied with what you have at the moment? You keep doing and working to reach your goals and then the next one will come. Does it make you happy to think about the future so much and yet feel like you haven’t reached anything?

I personally think that it is unhealthy to have this ‘productivity addiction’, where you constantly have to think about the future. How is it ever possible to enjoy the moment in that way? Sometimes you just have to let it go, stop worrying too much and live in the moment. Life goes on and happiness is not defined by what you have reached but simply by feeling satisfied with what you have.


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xx Lynn

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