Which print trends are popular this fall and winter? This is the question that I recently asked myself because the European summer is almost over. Yesterday, I started unpacking my fall/winter clothes but while doing so, I realized that I just own some basic black-, white-, grey- and nude-toned pieces. I felt bored of wearing the same colors every year and wanted to change something about it. Therefore, I did some research about the current color and print trends and got hooked on the following trends, which I now have added to my own collection. Below, you will find my selective choices of this season’s trends – I would, however, love to hear your opinions and preferences as well, so please leave me a comment about what you would like to wear this upcoming fall/winter.

1. Leo Print

As usual, I used Instagram as my inspirational source and found one picture of a girl who wore a leo printed maxi dress from Zara. I immediately fell in love with that dress and I didn’t hesitate to go to the city on the next day to buy it. However, it was sold out in pop-up stores as well as online. This is how I found out about the first popular print trend for fall and winter 2018/2019.

There are some trends that never disappears. One of it is the leo print which now has proved itself as an all time favorite. However, it is known as a very provocative pattern – some people hate it and some people love it.

I can still remember the time when I bought my first leo printed piece. I wasn’t so sure whether I liked it that much at the time. Time has changed though! The cuts have changed and the leo print fits to the modern cuts of clothes so well that everyone just has to love leo. Thanks to the combination of modern fashion and returning print trends, the leo print could make it to be the all time classic. You can read more about leo printed clothes in my former post How to Wear Leopard Prints.

2. Snake/Zebra Pattern

Leo print is merely the first out of several animal prints to be “in” this fall/winter season. My other two favorites are the Snake and Zebra patterns. In contrast to the Zebra pattern, Snake patterns come in different varieties such as Boa, Python, Rattlesnakes and more. However, just like Leo patterns, it can be hard to combine the pieces compared to patterns like Polka Dots, Nailsheads or plain one colored pieces. Therefore, I personally think that a one-piece item is easier to wear than e.g. a top, which you then have to combine with pants or skirts. A second thing I take notice of is to choose loose pieces rather than tight ones, which would give you a more casual look. If you want to take the attention further from the animal patterns then a good idea is to combine with a few key pieces such as a coat or a bag.   

3. Polka Dot

Polka dots do not just belong on Minnie Mouse’s dresses from the old Disney days. This  is clearly reflected in the trends that have been presented on catwalks lately. I, myself, am a huge fan of polka dots items, which you can see here (insert link to the polka dot post). I love the variety of colors, size, and texture. Personally, I like to wear the brighter and playful colors for leisure and the darker colors for office wear so make sure that you experiment with it to find the best fit. 

4. Checked Pattern

Check print has been around since I can remember and is basically timeless. For the Fall-Winter 2018/2019, many of the bigger brands like Miu Miu and Fendi have reinterpreted old check patterns with a fresh and innovative taste in the form of oversized shapes. Furthermore, brands are experimenting with the check prints on romantic long dresses, which I find interestingly intriguing. 

5. Scarf Print

Back in February, up and comer designer, Richard Quinn, won the Queen Elisabeth II Award for British design. What earned him this award was his big collection of scarf prints. The queen herself was seated front row at his Fall-Winter 2018/2019 collection and it is rumored that she placed an order herself. It is therefore of no wonder that scarf prints are “in” this season. Unlike animal prints, scarf prints are way more colorful and consists of different structures, but in the right combination, it can make you look extremely fabulous!

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