In my post Graduation 2018 – Things I Will Miss About University Life, I told you guys about my degrees and what I now miss about being a college student. After having worked a corporate job for several months I now realized that just because I graduated doesn’t mean that I stopped learning. I constantly find myself learning new things whether it is at work or in my personal life. Below, I’d like to share with you what I learned so far in this new chapter of my life.


1. You most likely won’t get the job that you dreamed of

We all dreamed of an occupation when we were little. Some want to become an astronaut while others have a desire to save lives and want to become a firefighter or a policeman. Those dreams often change when we grow older. In my case, the career plan first changed from Archeologist to fashion designer. Then I enrolled in a Technical University and ended up combing Technology and Business Management. On top of that, I ended up getting a position I never imagined myself doing before. My point? Don’t let the unplanned deviations from your path discourage you! Although I didn’t imagine doing the corporate job I am doing now, I really like it! The steep learning curve in a global corporation provides me the opportunity to grow myself both professionally and personally. So make the best out of what you have and rethink the strategy to reach your desired career path…I know I am!


2. You will not use all of what you learned in school

This is a classic but it is so true. What I learned during my bachelor’s and master’s, I rarely use at work – maybe cause I barely remember it? Haha…Nevertheless, I have found that real learning starts with your job. I learned what I need for my current job by picking my colleagues’ brains, do training, and by simply observing people. Furthermore, it is not just about the actual work itself but about your people skills. Being able to get along with colleagues and clients is an essential part of good team work!

3. You value time much more than before

Some people are lucky to have a short commute to work but for me it equals almost 1,5 hour per way to work! That means that I spend almost 3 hours a day being on the road. This is both exhausting and frustrating and has made me value my free time so much more. Since I now have a shortage of time, meticulous time management is essential in order for me to enjoy my time off as well as to create content for you guys.


4. Finally, do not forget to…

Treat yourself with a nice piece of clothing and go celebrate your milestone with the ones you love. Below are captures from my lovely evening having a dinner celebration close to an old casino building. For that evening out I wore a yellow laced dress which looks like a two set piece. Lace is a classic for all elegant occasions such as graduation celebrations, weddings, birthdays and much more. Anyway, that’s the outfit I used to celebrate the end of one chapter: my life as a student. 


xx Lynn

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