More than one month of 2019 has already gone by, which means that it´s the perfect time to check up on your new year´s resolution that you with so much motivation set up before the calendar on the wall had to be switched to a fresh one. In December, I wrote about five goals that will enrich every girl´s life (read it here), which included:

  • Travel more
  • Create a saving´s plan
  • Develop your professional skills
  • Get in shape
  • Befriend self-discipline

Whether you set yourself some of those goals or other ones, the most important aspect of success is maintaining them. Personally, I am still maintaining the ones I set up, for example to travel more. I just did a trip to Asia and visited places that I have never been to before such as Seoul, Bali, Phuket, Hong Kong, and Macao. This trip has merely encouraged me to reach more destinations and I am therefore already planning my next trip. In regards to getting in shape, I joined a new gym and made it a habit to work out every second day.

It is, however, incredibly hard to keep maintaining goals and it requires significant changes to your attitude and your way of approaching things. So the question remains, how do you stay the course to reach your goals AND maintain them?


Willpower is not Sufficient

Back in 2007, British psychologist, Richard Wiseman, tracked the success of 3000 people´s New Year´s resolutions and found that only 12% of them could achieve what they wanted to. Based on this research, he extracted what the successful 12% did differently and surprising, it is not your own willpower that is the main engine. He compiled a list of tips, five of which I find to be very effective and will share here (for all tips, please see Wiseman´s blog here.

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How to keep your New Years Resolution….

  • Make as few resolutions as possible – the more goals you set, the more difficult it is to maintain them
  • Break down your goal(s) – Break your goals into manageable steps with deadlines and keep those deadlines
  • Go public – it does not hurt to tell your friends and family about your New Year´s resolution. Making it public and giving it more exposure will increase your fear of failing and you will strive to achieve it.
  • Track your progress – breaking your goals down also means that you need to track your progress in order to see that you are on the right course.
  • Reward yourself – working toward a goal such as getting in shape is a long journey. When you track your progress and see success, remember to reward yourself to motivate yourself further.

And there you have it, girls – everything you need to maintain those New Year´s resolutions that will enrich your life further. Remember the key words: set and track (the goals).

Until next time! xx Lynn

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