Although summer is behind us, the weather is still not too bad for a short weekend trip in a big European city that can offer beautiful buildings, good food, nice hotels, and last but not least, shopping. This time, the pointer landed on the Venice of the North, Amsterdam.

I have been to Amsterdam several times before and it is one of those cities that I find more beautiful each time I go there. I never get tired of sitting by the canals or eating at one of the many hip cafés that operate there. The trip lasted 2 days and I wanted to make the most out of it, so it meant that my schedule was going to action packed. However, Amsterdam is, just like the actual and more southernly located Venice, very popular among tourists and this obviously results in the city being very crowded. To make the city wandering among tourists as comfortable as possible, I wore a loosely fitted black dress and white boots. The weather was only so so – cloudy and slightly windy, which I protected myself from with a cropped denim jacket.

Have you guys been to lovely Amsterdam yet?

Talk later, xx Lynn 

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