I can’t believe that December and the Christmas holidays are approaching already. The year of 2018 is almost over, which on the one hand is sad because time passes by so quickly, but on the other hand is amazing because of two things. Firstly, because I simply love Christmas time. Lined up for the Christmas period is Christmas markets, shopping, decoration and last but not least, Christmas vacation!

December is the perfect time to do a longer trip as there are several public holidays to take advantage of and especially this year is the ideal one to do so. Christmas Eve and New Year´s Eve both land on a Monday this year, which means that two extra days off work are to be gained compared to 2017 where the 24th and 31st were on a Sunday. I, myself, have been planning where to go this time and the question was whether to go west in the direction USA or east to Asia.

We decided to go for Asia and have been spending the last couple of weeks planning a one month long trip there. The destinations have been set to be Bali, Thailand, Seoul, and Hong Kong and I cannot wait to board the first flight just before Christmas. The exact itinerary is yet to be finished but I have planned some amazing things to show you guys including most beautiful beaches/scenery, luxury hotels/resorts, and finally, the best food that those four destination have to offer. However, the trip is still more than three weeks away, and December still has a lot to offer. Stay tuned for upcoming Christmas posts, and remember to follow me on Instagram to see how I will be warming up to Christmas.

How will you guys spend the Christmas holidays this year?

Talk soon! xx Lynn

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