In my last post I told you guys about my peaceful stay at Prasana by Arjani Resorts in Ungasan, which you can read about here. However, something was missing in order to reach the next level of relaxation, which led to my visit to Arkipela Spa at the Mövenpick Resort and Spa Jimbaran. Arkipela Spa has its name from the word “archipelago”, which is the term for a group of islands. Arkipela Spa invites its guests to a journey across the ancient traditions and wellness from Indonesia with the sole purpose of creating physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

I went there for the spa facilities which looked great on their website but I was already amazed when we got dropped off at the resort and entered their reception – a big and open reception hall with a nice view of the west, which allowed a sunset view. Anyway, when the resort reception looked that good, I knew that the spa facilities would be at the top of its game as well and I was not wrong. When going to a spa, I judge it by three factors: the look, the treatment, and the service – the Arkipela Spa fulfilled all three to the utmost satisfaction.


The Look

The photos above pretty much speak for themselves but if I had to come up with a word for the design of the spa facility, it would simply be “WOW!”. Never have I seen such a beautiful entrance to a spa and I obviously took the opportunity to take out the camera for a few photos. The entrance was bright and shiny and filled with ancient looking decorations that startled a heavenly feeling in me. Already there, I knew that I was in for a treat. Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of the massage room itself but it was the largest room for two that I have experienced. A big and round lounge made up one side of the room for relaxing while the massage chairs were placed in the middle. Needless to say, everything was clean and comfortable.


The Treatment

We got ourselves the signature massage, which lasted 1,5 hours! Before this, the longest session that I have tried was 1 hour but after this 1,5 hour treatment, I have now raised the bar and from hence forth will strive to get all massages to be this long haha.
At the reception, we had to fill out a form where several questions about your body and treatment wishes were asked. Questions included whether or not you have had surgeries in the last months, whether you have pain somewhere or simply which part of your body that you want the therapists to focus on. After filling out the forms, we were taken to a relaxing lounge for a quick refreshment before starting the treatment.

The signature massage at Arkipela is inspired by Bali’s strongest energy force – water – this intuitive treatment was designed exclusively for Arkipela Spa and combines Balinese, Lomi-Lomi, Swedish, Acupressure, and Yoga-inspired movements to restore balance and leave you feeling light and revitalized, which were for sure felt after the session. Compared to the massages that we tried in Thailand, this one was much more relaxing and soft to the level where I almost fell asleep!


The Service

The two massage therapists that we had were very friendly and engaging. We have tried places where they do not talk much, which could be due to language barriers and that is fine. However, it sometimes can be slightly awkward in the beginning during the washing of feet where you don´t really want to look at them washing your feet and kinda look everywhere else. But the therapists that we had at Arkipela Spa liked to talk and we therefore had a good conversation during that feet session. Attention was paid to our comfort such as pressure, music volume, and room temperature. After the amazing and long session, we were directed to the waiting room for a nice ginger tea to ease our body even further – the perfect ending to an incredibly relaxing spa treatment.


Above Eleven Rooftop Bar

Besides Arkipela Spa, Mövenpick Resort and Spa also boasts a rooftop bar called Above Eleven Rooftop Bar. It is Bali’s first Peruvian Japanese Bar & Restaurant and we took the opportunity to try this interesting fusion. With an amazing view of Jimbaran from the top, we enjoyed delicious sushi as well as cebiches (raw seafood marinated in leche de tigre) and squid inked rice with prawns, grilled salmon, and baby squids – YUM!

xx Lynn

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