During my stay in Bali, I had the opportunity to see quite a few private pools but had yet to see a great public infinity pool until I got to Goya Boutique Resort. After checking in, we were taken to the restaurant/pool area where we offered a welcome drink AND a short welcome massage. At that point, I knew that our stay at Goya would be amazing. 


The Room

We had a one bedroom villa with a private pool, which was also the case with the other villas that we stayed at in Bali. However, one thing that set it apart was the design of the villa. Our bedroom was directly by the pool only separated by a sliding door, which meant that I could wake up, take a few steps, and jump directly into the pool for thereafter to step directly into the bathroom – practical! 

The bed itself was super comfortable and the decorations were on point. I especially liked the big mirror next to the bed, which was perfect for trying on clothes. The bathroom was modern and neatly decorated. After having showered outdoor at other villas, I appreciated the indoor and less insect visited shower :´D


The Atmosphere

Goya Boutique, although located in the heart of Ubud, was really quiet and peaceful. While enjoying our pool, we rarely heard anyone around us even though the villas were located next to each other. However, even though we enjoyed the private pool, we couldn´t help but go to the common area that boasted an infinity pool with a great view of the jungle. Relaxation at the utmost level could be reached by being in that pool and take in the green covered area.


The Service

Goya Boutique had a really friendly staff that took good care of our needs whether it was transportation somewhere or simply an ironing board. All in all, the service couldn´t be better and we already look forward to going back there someday!     

Until next time, Lynn xx

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