Bali is not merely known for its incredible nature but also its variety of resorts. This Indonesian island is such a paradise for resort lovers and my main purpose of visiting is was to experience the resorts (besides from capturing the beautiful scenery of course). Almost every resort offers villas with private pools, so it is hard for the numerous resorts to really stand out. I have already introduced you to two of the beautiful resorts in that I have stayed at: Prasana by Arjani Resorts and Visesa Ubud Resort.  

However, one place did make an outstanding impression on us, which made us longing to go back only one hour after checking out. Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate and Spa is a luxury resort located, as already revealed in its name, in Jimbaran and is a 5 min. walk to Jimbaran beach. I visited quite a few resorts in Bali and only a couple of them got me thinking: “this is a place that I HAVE to come back to”. Kayumanis Jimbaran is one of them and this is why.


The Property

Before arriving at the resort, we were very curious about it because the description of the villa said that the property was 500 square meters big, which was unusual compared to other resorts. We arrived around noon and got taken to our villa, which actually did match the description! It was such a dream and we immediately fell in love with our villa. 

Besides the big master bedroom, a separate building consisting of a lounge, an open kitchen, and a living room made up the property. The pool was the biggest among the ones that we tried in Bali and its cleanliness made us to want to spend all day in it – even our afternoon high tea was enjoyed whilst being in the water. The bedroom was spacious and so was the outdoor bathroom. If you haven´t tried an outdoor shower before, then you´re in for a nice surprise at Kayumanis where a refreshing shower can be taken while enjoying the green view of the garden. 


The Atmosphere

Except for one resort in Seminyak, all of the resorts that we visited in Bali were quiet and peaceful. Kayumanis kept the privacy level of its guest to the utmost and we actually didn´t hear a peep of anyone or anything whenever we spent time by the pool or the open living room. Needless to say that it was the perfect place to relax and to recharge ourselves.


The Service

Now, this is where Kayumanis really stood out from the crowd. When it comes to the service of a resort, we often experienced similar service everywhere. Obviously, luxury resorts have to provide professional service to meet the needs of their guests, but it is rare that a resort or a hotel have been able to make us feel like at home. Kayumanis did their utmost to make us feel comfortable and taken care of. My bf is for example allergic to a few types of nuts such as walnuts and almonds, which happened to be among the ingredients for their complimentary cookies in the villa. This was quickly noticed by our butler, Prima, and before we knew it, the cookie jar was emptied and re-filled with ginger cookies instead – talk about caring! 

Whenever we walked around, the staff would greet us with smiles. When we had wifi problems at 11 pm, the reception reacted quickly and fixed it for us. A thumbs up has to be given to the management of Kayumanis for recruiting extremely friendly and caring employees regardless of their positions or function. Free transportation was offered within a distance and both our drivers, Devi and Dika, were so sweet and curious about our trip to Bali. Normally, we don´t ask the staff for their names, but in this case, we did because we simply had to give a shoutout to them. If you plan on visiting Bali and have yet to decide where to stay whether it is Ubud, Uluwatu, Seminyak etc. then there is no doubt that Jimbaran should be on your list simply because of Kayumanis – you will not regret it! I don´t and only regret that I didn´t plan a longer stay in Jimbaran. 

Until next time! xx Lynn

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