Visiting Bali has been on my bucket list for quite a while now. Seeing all those amazing Instagram pictures really sparked my interest for this tropical Indonesian island. It was therefore a given that Bali was on my itinerary during this Asia trip. Known for its scenic nature as well as its numerous resorts, finding the right accommodation can be somewhat of a challenge. However, I knew what I would like to have and where. I therefore searched for resorts that offered villas with a private pool, the location should be close to a beach and finally, I wanted peace and quiet.

These criteria amounted to Prasana by Arjani Resorts, which is located in Ungasan (southern Bali). Prasana has 21 villas consisting of one-bedroom villas and two-bedroom villas. Each villa has its own private pool – most of them with an open view. The resort is about a 10 min. drive to the beach, which perfectly fulfills my criteria.


The Atmosphere

There are different ways to enjoy your holidays in Bali. Depending on where you stay, you can explore the nature, party all night long, or simply relax in absolute peace in a resort. Staying at Prasana put us in the latter category. If you think that you have experience quietness before, then wait until you get to Prasana. The villas were closely placed to each other but during most of the time, we were wondering if we were the only people at the resort because all we could hear was ourselves as well as the sound of wind swaying the tree branches from side to side. Therefore, if you seek luxury in absolute peace and quietness, Prasana by Arjani Resort would be the perfect choice for you – I already miss the infinity pool and hope to come back for another visit!


The Room

We got a one-bedroom villa with a view to the south consisting mostly of the color green due to the many trees in the area. The bedroom was spacious and the bed itself was placed in the middle giving us a beautiful view of the pool as well as the trees. Next to the bed was a modernly designed bathroom, separated by big sliding doors. As part of the bathroom, a big and beautiful bathtub was placed in an outdoor area, which could actually be accessed from both the bedroom as well as the bathroom. The villa was definitely one the best looking ones that I have stayed at so far. The cherry on top of the cake was the fact that everything was so clean!



The Service

Just like the check-in process, the service during our stay was incredible. Requests were quickly fulfilled, free transportation to places within a 5 km radius was included, and we were greeted by the staff wherever we went. Their friendliness contributed to us feeling so welcome there and made us want to stay much longer!


The Receiving

One of the things that I judge a hotel/resort by is the receiving of its guests. Staying at a luxury resort is an experience itself and those who stand out are the ones that pay attention to every aspect of the accommodation of its guests. Upon arriving at Prasana, our luggage was put aside and taken care of while we were greeted by the reception and thereafter seated on a comfortable couch in the well-decorated lobby. Welcome drinks were then brought to us and by the time we finished them, it was already time to check out our villa. Fast, friendly, and easy – just how I like the checking in process at a resort.

xx Lynn

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