In the previous post about my weekend getaway to Steigenberger Hotel in Constance, Germany, I mentioned that I went to Israel for Christmas and New Year’s. T and I went there first for a few days and then met up with some friends on Christmas Eve. We booked an Airbnb with the friends but before their arrival, we had some time to try out a couple of hotels that I have always had on my list.

One of these is The Ritz-Carlton brand, which happens to have a relatively new hotel in Herzliya, not so far north of Tel Aviv. I have wanted to stay at a Ritz-Carlton hotel for quite some time now but never had a chance to do it until now. The brand itself is one of the most known and respected hospitality brands in the world and what T and I experienced definitely lived up to the name!

We got a Duplex Suite, which was absolutely the most beautiful and modern hotel suite that I have seen so far. It had two floors. The first one consisting of the living room and an open kitchen. The second floor had a bedroom and a nice bathroom from which you can see the living room and the balcony view. Needless to say, we felt “Ritz” 😀 There is just something about Duplexes that gives one an extra feeling of elegance! My future house must without a doubt have a second floor overlooking a big open living room (good luck saving up for that in today’s real estate market, Lynn!).

Anyway, back to The Ritz-Carlton. When T and I stay at hotels (even five star ones) we don’t always feel like staying inside the room the whole time. We usually feel too trapped in there and would want to go out whether it is to the hotel’s common spaces or to the city. However, we both could stay in that Duplex Suite ALL DAY LONG. The view of the marina was to die for and the living room with the beautiful lamps just topped everything.

There is a nice and big outdoor swimming pool on the roof although it was a bit too cold and windy to jump in. Below the pool is the spa with a great relaxation room where we enjoyed the breathtaking ocean-view while drinking a hot cup of tea.

The hotel also boasts a fine dining kosher restaurant called Herbert Samuel. Restaurants in hotels are not always on the same level as those outside but we found Herbert Samuel to be extremely delicious. An open kitchen concept gives the guests a view of the kitchen staff preparing food, which was a nice change of vibes. The dishes were creative and tasty but the service was really the cherry on top of the cake. We were lucky to be served by the friendliest and cutest waiter who was extremely attentive! From experience, the most memorable restaurants/hotels are the ones that provided us extraordinary service such as Restaurant Verico in Mallorca or Kayumanis Resort in Bali. So the service at Herbert Samuel, the Duplex Suite, and the overall experience at The Ritz-Carlton made our stay one of the most memorable so far!

You can read more about the different types of rooms here.

As for me…it is now time to take a break from vacay in January and work out to get rid of my Christmas weight before embarking on another Asia in mid February – I can´t wait!!

Until next time! xx Lyn

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