We are almost halfway through December and New Year´s Eve is only 22 days away as I am writing this. A new year can mean two things to people though. Some will slide into 2019 smoothly and continue their lives as they were, which is fantastic if you feel that your life is satisfactory as it is. However, if you do feel that something is still missing, then you´re likely a part of the other half who would like to change certain aspects of their routines and set new goals to reach in 2019.

Yes Yes..I know how hard it is to keep a new year´s resolution. Before Dec 31st, we are all excitingly motivated and join the local gym on January 2nd and we actually also do go to the gym from January 2nd to 9th. Then come the 10th and our life routine starts to kick in again, making it difficult to keep up the set goal of working out 3 times a week. It is not easy and I often struggle with it myself but with good planning, dedication, and self-discipline, I have found it to be quite possible to remain in the correct course of direction. However, when it comes to setting goals, it is important to be realistic by not throwing 15 routine altering ones on the list. Therefore, here are my five picks of goals that I myself will strive to work towards and I hope that they will inspire you to set some yourself!

  • Travel More: As a fashion and travel blogger, this is an obvious one but even if you are not a blogger, traveling more is guaranteed to enrich your life with amazing experiences. If you have a full time job then it may be a challenge to travel often due to limited vacation days. It therefore requires careful planning and make use of as many public holidays as possible.
  • Create a Savings Plan: Being able to travel not only requires time off work but also the adequate finances. This requires you to set a savings plan to save up for your travels as well as other desires that you may have. Planning is everything when it comes savings because as it is famously said: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.
  • Develop Your Professional Skills: For my career girls out there, developing your skills is essential for moving up in your organisation. The most dangerous thing is to get stuck in a position with the same tasks for years without improving and expanding your skill set. Do not be afraid to ask your manager for courses or certificates as most companies have an employee education budget to develop their employees. Some companies may require you to sign an agreement that you will stay for x amount of time at the company upon completion of the chosen course. This should not be a problem if you plan on staying there anyway.
  • Get in Shape: This one is probably the most cliché goal of them all. It seems simply but yet hard to maintain. I would therefore suggest to be ambitious but realistic. If you know that your busy schedule only allows you to work out once or twice a week, then do not set the goal to three per week just to be overambitious while you are still motivated.
  • Befriend Self-Discipline: No matter what goal you have set for 2019, without self-discipline you will have a hard time reaching them. This especially applies to long term goals that cannot be reached overnight. Planning and consistency are the key to work towards a goal. Plan the steps that you need to do and set milestones and deadlines that need to be met on time.

These are merely some of the many great goals that can be set for the new year. Do you have a great one in mind? Share it with me below.

Until next time! xx Lynn


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