I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to deciding the location of my next vacation, I just spend wayyy too much time (over) thinking where to go. This time, I wanted to do a short one-week trip somewhere in Europe. My criteria were: hot weather, beautiful beaches, great landscape, and nice hotels. These criteria seem rather easy to fulfill, right? After days of researching and thinking, I still couldn’t decide where to book a flight to until I heard about Fuerteventura. Apparently, this Canary island has amazing beaches and hotels/resorts – two criteria fulfilled and two remained. I was not convinced about the landscape on Fuerteventura but then I read about its neighbor island, Lanzarote.  This island offers amazing Mars-like landscape and after having visited Iceland, any islands of Volcanic origin have my interest!

The question was though, which Island should I visit? I ended up with both Fuerteventura AND Lanzarote on my itinerary :D. However, if you are time limited and can only make it go to one of them then it depends on your preferences.

If you value great beaches with crystal clear water whether it is for chilling in the water or for surfing, then Fuerteventura would be a good choice. The island offers kilometers of coastline with calm or wavy water. If you on the other hand don’t just want to lie on a beach and sun bathe but you value amazing landscape and beautiful national parks for hiking or biking, then Lanzarote would be the right choice. However, it doesn’t mean that if you go to Lanzarote, you won’t get beaches and it doesn’t mean that you go to Fuerteventura, you won’t see beautiful landscape! Both islands have some similarities in terms of what they offer but you will of course see more of what each island is usually known for. Below are a few pictures of both islands. Tune in for my upcoming and more detailed posts about Fuerteventura and Lanzarote and to see if I actually fulfilled the remaining fourth criterion: hot weather!



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