I haven’t talked about it before but I graduated a few months ago. However, I just received my graduation documents now which finally makes me realized that I am really holding my Master’s degree in my hands. After several years of studying, I was finally able to celebrate my final University graduation! It has been a long but memorable period of my life that I will always appreciate.

Even now after having finished two University degrees (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree), I still remember the first day of my University life. It was a sunny September day in 2011. I went off to campus with a backpack with nothing besides a few pens and a block of paper. However, I returned home with the backpack filled with what felt like a pile of rocks.

Already at that point, I knew that the following years would not be a walk in the park. I paid my two degrees at university with sweat, tears, and long hours of studying but you know what? I would do it all over again! Don’t get me wrong..I’m extremely happy that my student years are behind me and that I now can start to be financially independent. However, there are things about being a student that I will miss dearly, which I have listed below – leave me a comment if you agree with my points or if there are other things to be missed!

1. Long Long Semester Breaks

Depending on where you live the semester breaks will vary but here in Europe, you would get between 1,5-2,5 months in the summer. That’s 10 weeks of summer for enjoying sunny weather locally or on your travels! Now that I have a degree in my hands and a corporate job to attend to, I “only” get 6 weeks of vacation a year. Yes..I know that I shouldn’t complain because in some countries you only get 2-3 weeks a year (talking to you, you sweet American) but still..it is way less than what I had as a student. That means I have to plan my trips carefully and make good use of every single vacation day, which actually requires some work but more on that in another post.

2. Less Responsibility – More Flexibility

By this, I simply mean the ability to be lazy and skip class haha. Remember the days where you just didn’t feel like going to class and just wanted to meet up with some friends instead? Those days are now over. The adult life with a corporate job is not so easy to skip from compared to morning lectures, where you had the flexibility to catch up on the skipped work later.

3. Going Abroad

During both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s degree, I was able to study abroad. Needless to say, those two semesters abroad were the best time of my especially due to my love for travelling! Now that I’m stuck with a corporate job, it will be harder to do long term stays abroad but it’s hopefully not impossible because one thing is for sure – I may not be a student anymore, but I will not let anything restrict me from enjoying life with travelling while dressing neatly and creating content to share with you guys!

xx Lynn

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