Happy New Year, Loves!

Another year has already gone by and I hope that you all had a blast (safely) jumping into the new year! 2018 was a great and memorable year for me. I graduated my master´s degree and dived into the corporate world. However, it did not stop me from travelling but actually motivated me to see more of the world and share it with you. It was also the year where I found my IG and blog concept – connecting fashion, travel, and lifestyle, which has resulted in numerous collaborations with great brands. I made it to visit eight countries and ended 2018 with a long Asia trip, which currently places me in wonderful Bali. The year has also resulted in some improvements in regards to my photography style and content. I can´t wait to share everything from my Asia trip with you guys and there is definitely something to look forward to because I have planned the most amazing luxury resorts and restaurant visits!

Cheers to an even better year in 2019 and remember to enjoy life, be kind to each other, love your friends and family, eat a lot, and last but not least, TRAVEL, because just like Paul Theroux says it:

You cannot make your days longer so strive to make them better

Below is a recap of my destinations in 2018 – hope they will inspire you to visit those places as well!

Talk to you soon. xx Lynn



Fuerteventura & Lanzarote, Spain


Milan, Italy


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Aarhus, Denmark




Seoul, South Korea


Phuket & Bangkok, Thailand


…more will come!!


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