One of the prints described in my post: 5 Most Important Print Trends for Fall and Winter 2018/2019 is the leopard print. As it is easily my favorite animal print, I thought that it deserves a separate and individual post to highlight its elegance and simplicity when it comes to the combination of the print with other items.
It is said that animal prints particularly, leopard print, is a hard trend to pull off. The line between looking chic/fabulous and looking slightly tarty is very thin. Therefore, some general rules should be followed to achieve the best combination and those rules are:

  • KISS – in the words of aircraft engineer, Kelly Johnson: keep it simple, stupid. When it comes to wearing leopard prints, keep your outfit as simple as possible, meaning that you should wear as few items as possible.
  • Keeping it simple also means that you should wear only one animal print. Don’t try to build an animal puzzle by combining leopard, zebra, and snake prints in one outfit. If you do so, you are just simply asking for visual confusion.
  • Wear loose items and avoid skin tight ones as wearing tight items in most cases would defeat the purpose of not looking tarty. However, this of course can be pulled off in the form of a nicely cut dress?
  • Lastly, if you are a tiny uncomfortable with leopard prints and would like to distract people’s attention from it, wearing a key piece such as bag, would provide that effect. As an alternative, you could combine it with contrast. In this case, I wore white boots with a darker leopard printed coat, steering the focus to the boots.

Most importantly, confidence is the key to wearing leopard prints with success. This obvious also applies to other animal prints. Wear your items like you are doing them a favor and you will look fabulous!

xx Lynn


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