In my last post, I told you guys about my decision to visit both Lanzarote and Fuerteventura (here). The trip began in Lanzarote where I after a 4,5 hour flight landed in Arrecife (the capital of Lanzarote). We had booked three nights in Arrecife because the city itself is geographically central and we thought that it would be a good base for visiting the attractions on Lanzarote. This was a mistake that you guys should NOT do. Arrecife, although the capital of Lanzarote, did not have much to offer. We quickly realized our mistake after having visited attractions during the day for thereafter to return to Arrecife in the evening to find emptiness on the streets.

Post tip #1 to you is use another city as a base such as the southern resort, Playa Blanca, which offers a lot more for tourists – I will post about Playa Blanca in more details in later post.

Anyhow, back to the essence of this post. One of the first attractions that we visited was the Jameos Del Agua, which is a series of lava caves that are home to the blind lobster specie, squat lobster. It also features a blue lagoon-alike pool (not for svimming), which was the perfect spot for pictures compared the caves, which were too dark. Blended in tropical surroundings and blue water, I decided to go for a red jumpsuit that would pop out among the natural colors. It is a two-piece jumpsuit that is comfortable to wear and its airy material makes it perfect for a hot tropical day. Furthermore, what made me fall for this jumpsuit is the polka dots, cause let’s be real – who doesn’t like polka dots on their outfits?

Post tip #2 for you guys is to remember sunglasses! The white floor and blue water make the place very bright, so if you want to stay for a while to enjoy the view, then sunglasses is a necessity. Anyways, what do you guys think about this place and my jumpsuit at it?

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