Malta Experience

Our trip to Malta was somewhat short and although you can drive through the whole country in less than one hour (read more in my last post Malta – A Trip Back in Time), the limited time restricted us from seeing all of the popular attractions. Therefore, we had to prioritize what to see and do in Malta. Since I love beaches, we obviously planned to spend at least half of the time there to visit beaches but this time the weather was against us. Rain and dark clouds were the highlight of the weather forecast half of the time that we had available, but on the other hand it gave us the opportunity and time to do indoor activities such as visiting museums or staying in luxury hotels, which we had the pleasure of doing.


The Coleridge Hotel

Besides the stunning coastline and beaches, people come to Malta for its historic structures. According to UNESCO, its capital, Valletta, is one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world with amazing architecture. One of the buildings mixed within this architecture is The Coleridge Hotel owned by Trevor Zahra and his partner, Natasha Borg. We were fortunate enough to be invited to stay at this luxury boutique hotel that is located on Old Bakery Street in the heart of Malta. The hotel is named after famous poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the hotel’s six suites are named after six of his poets.  


Steep History

What makes The Coleridge Hotel so special is the fact that each of the six suites are uniquely designed unlike other hotels where the rooms are similar and consist of the same type of furniture. We stayed in the Stanhope suite located on the third floor of the hotel. The spacious bedroom boasts a super comfortable bed with luxury linen, which is actually one of the factors that I judge a hotel on. So when it comes to the standard of a hotel, I look at the following:

The bed and its linen – needless to say, the one at The Coleridge is one of the most comfortable bed that I have ever slept on!

The towels – this may be weird criterion to focus on but I appreciate a big and soft towel to dry myself with after a shower and I am not kidding when I say that the towels at The Coleridge is the most luxurious ones that I have seen so far! I have stayed at luxury hotels in Asia, USA, and Europe and most of them do provide big and soft towels but what makes the towels at The Coleridge stand out is their thickness and weight. As a small asian girl, I am not the strongest but the weight of towels are normally not a problem for me until I used the ones here. They were fluffy and heavy but boy…did it feel like drying myself with an expensive and comfortable blanket.

Amenities – nowadays, guests expect more and more from hotels and when it comes to amenities, hotels have really upped their game – especially luxury ones. I love it when a hotel provides its guests with great smelling soap and lotion and also here, The Coleridge got it right. If you take a look at my picture of the suite’s bathroom below, you will see three bottles of lotion next to the sink. These lotions along with shampoo and shower gel are french produced mixtures made from various types of herbs leaving your body smelling fantastic after use. I actually checked for the brand online afterwards cause I wanted some for myself but after seeing the price of a set, I gave up haha.


Beautiful Antiques

As mentioned earlier each of the six suites are unique, which obvious entails that the rooms have different interior design and antiques. Most of the antiques were bought at auctions and date back to the early 1900s. One of my favorites were the mirror and the stool in front of it – I didn’t know that such an old stool could be so comfortable to sit on!





We had the opportunity to take a quick peek at two other suites. The first one was Christabel, an artistic wall covered suite with a private balcony that overlooks Old Bakery Street.


Hatley Suite

The second suite was the Hatley Suite, which in my eyes was the most exclusive and beautiful one of them. The amazing backdrop of Leda and the Swan covers the wall behind the bed.

To top it all off, an antique bathtub is placed by the stairs and it may not fit more than one person like a modern jacuzzi but when it is such a beautiful bathtub, I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone anyway!



The Coleridge Hotel has an All-Inclusive concept where the minibar and breakfast are included, the latter being served in the beautiful cellar. Five tables with fine dining setup are fill the cellar where a light, yet delicious, breakfast can be enjoyed.

*In collaboration with The Coleridge Hotel.

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