What to eat in Phuket is a hard question to answer as Thailand has an incredibly delicious cuisine. The land of smiles offers one of my favorite Asian dishes, namely Pad See Ew (thick stir fried rice noodles) and Mango Sticky Rice (I could eat this every single day). However, besides from the local kitchen, Thailand is also home to countless foreign cuisine restaurants that are worth a visit. One of these restaurants is found in Phuket, namely, Bampot Kitchen & Bar, which is closely located to Bangtao Beach and is approximately 18 km north of Patong.

We visited Bampot Kitchen & Bar for dinner and were greeted by Ploy, one of the many sweet waitresses there, and she recommended some signature starters that we gladly tried out. They turned out to be some of the most unique starters that I´ve had but more on that later. Let us first talk about the location.


The Look

Once you walk into Bampot Kitchen & Bar, you will see a counter along the complete left side of the restaurant. Behind the counter is a bar and naturally, a kitchen, which gives you the chance to observe skillful individuals preparing your drinks and food. The walls display some colorful paints that go well with the modern yet casual look. Hanging from the ceilings are simple and round light bulbs that you normally see in hipster cafés. All in all, Bampot Kitchen & Bar, though serving unique gourmet food, managed to create a friendly and casual setting for its guests.


The Service

If you appreciate an attentive staff that is there is to fulfill your needs instantly then you will find the service at Bampot Kitchen & Bar highly satisfactory. Not once did our glasses of water reach the bottom before they were refilled again – talk about quick reactions! Other than that, everyone was so friendly and respectful – just the perfect cocktail for a nice dining experience.


The Food

As mentioned earlier, the starters were some of the most unique and tastiest that I have eaten. We started with the classic oysters, which comes with two delicious sauces and the standard lemon. Following the oysters, came:

  • Cucumber with whipped feta – an odd combination but they go well together. The cucumber was crunchy and juicy and the simplicity of this dish simply made it amusing to eat. I did not know that cucumber could taste so good!
  • Prawn burgers in black bao buns – not much to say here except: DELICIOUS! No need for 3-4 types of burger dressing. The juicy prawn patty is enough to make these cute little burgers tasty.
  • Steamed edamame – if you expect the standard and plain version when you order edamame at Bampot Kitchen & Bar, you´re in a nice surprise. Their twisted version of it includes toasted cashew, zuzu, chili, and soy. The toasted taste takes edamame to a whole new level.


The Main Dishes of The Night

The two main courses that we chose were no less of a treat than the starters. We went for the seared duck breast served with burned cabbage, jubjube, vinegar jus, and pistachio. Finally, a 300g Tajima Wagyu ribeye steak with home made sauce. Being a huge fan of Wagyu after having eaten it in Sydney and recently, Seoul, I was glad that Bampot also offered it. Juicy, tender, and flavorful – what more could you want from a steak?


The Price

Our dinner at Bampot Kitchen and Bar was one of our best meals in Phuket and if you´re ever visiting this beautiful island, do yourself a favor and book a table at their place. Price-wise, Bampot lies in the middle section. I visited several fine dining restaurants in Phuket and must say that you get a lot for you money. Their starters range from 70-150 Baht, which is a really reasonable. The two prawn burgers for example are priced at 75 Baht per piece, which is like 2 euros and the seared duck breast costed 550 (15 euros).

Conclusion: good service, unique dishes, reasonably priced for what you get.

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