You cannot mention Bali without the word Cafés popping up. Bali is not merely known for its numerous resorts and stunning nature. The island also boasts a wide variety of cute cafés, catered especially to vegans and organic food lovers. Seminyak, in particular, is full of restaurants and cafés that are worth a visit. Here are my top 3 picks of cafés in Seminyak.


1. Coffee Cartel

Coffee Cartel is one of the most popular ones in Seminyak. You can eat there for breakfast and lunch until 6 pm. The menu has something for everyone ranging from traditional breakfast items like toasts and omelettes to meatier classics like burgers and sandwiches. A special thing about this place is that they can “write” your name on your coffee which is so cute. T liked this place the most out of the three due to its offering of meat 😀

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2. Kim Soo

We stumbled upon Kim Soo on the way to the beach and stopped in for a fresh coconut. We didn´t try the food but the café itself is very nicely decorated. It is very minimalistic and mostly all white. There is a shop inside and a beautiful water fountain in the back. Worth a quick check if you´re into boutique items and drinks aren´t bad either.

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3. Cafe Organic

Cafe Organic, as the name suggests, serves mostly organic/vegan food. It is the go-to place for colorful items like Acai bowls and tropical fruit smoothies. The matcha pancakes were too dry for my taste but the rest were satisfactory. Go here if you´re into vegan food, but don´t expect taste bombs.

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Until next time, Lynn. xx

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