Happy new year, loves!

It’s been three days since 2018 started and I thought about sharing with you what I did on New Year’s Eve. This time I spent my NYE differently than the other years – more quiet and cozy. Yes, this time I stayed in Germany again for once.

Last year I celebrated the new year in Sydney watching the amazing fireworks at the Opera House and went clubbing after that. I had a wild time in Sydney and I am glad to have experienced it. Till this day, I still love to talk about my time in Australia. However, two years ago I spent New Year’s Eve on a Ski party in Austria and I was in New York the year before that. But let’s move on because I want to tell you more about my cozy New Year’s Eve 2018 at a fine dining restaurant Medici (check it out here) in Frankfurt.

The most important thing to start a perfect evening and to end a wonderful year with is to pick a nice and comfortable outfit for a delicious dinner. For this special occasion I picked my new dotted blouse with a neckline since it is elegant but yet not too boring, combined with a wide cut black pair of trousers. The dotted shirt is an inspiration I got from Australia but it is now sold everywhere in Germany. My trousers are Scandinavian styled and also available in most places.


dotted blouse (SIMILAR HERE)

black wide trousers (SIMILAR HERE)

After my outfit was all set, I was finally ready to kick off the evening at Medici Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant prepared a set 5 course menu for New Year’s Eve. You can find the New Year’s Eve menu at the bottom if you are interested. Other than that, I will show you my dishes in the following.

We started our 5 course meal with delicious tuna steak with some kimchi and papaya salad. The portion was tiny though and I ate it within 1 minute. It was too good to eat it slowly but I would definitely recommend this dish – my favorite!

The second dish was some foie gras with figs. I liked the figs the most. The foie gras was a bit sweet and tasted like a dessert. The second round was a bit too early for something which tastes like dessert.

Medici served pork belly for the third round, the classic. It was marinated in teriyaki sauce combined with some curry. I would assume it is not a vegetarian’s favorite but I’m not, so I would recommend this to you as a delicious and interesting dish.

Fish with chickpeas are always good and healthy but a little too dry for me. But the taste was good though, I just complain at a high level – luxury problem.

The last dish before Medici served dessert was some soft US-Black Angus beef. This was a delicious dish since I am a big fan of beef steak.

For those who are interested in getting a better impression of Medici, you can find the full menu above. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the dessert in case you’re wondering why I didn’t show it to you. It is listed on the menu though.

Well, after a great evening spending at Medici and doing some fireworks (you’re allowed to do your own fireworks in Germany), I spent my 1st of January resting and enjoying my christmas tree & decoration for the last time before taking it down. Hope you all had a great start into 2018, loves.

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