In my post Travelling Abroad During a Degree, I encouraged you guys to go abroad if you’re still student or heck..even if you’re not still a student! I promise you that you won’t regret an international experience far away from home but no refunds on your expenses if you DO end up regretting it though! Haha…Anyways, assuming that I have peaked your interest, your next step is to start doing the horrible administrative work of finding a University, looking for courses, applying for the study abroad program etc. All of this requires hours and hours of research and most importantly, meticulous planning. Now why is that? Well, first of all, the process of applying for a semester/degree abroad as well as funding requires you to keep numerous deadlines. If you don’t have a good way to keep track of that, you will easily lose the overview of it. Second of all, in order to go abroad for several months or years, you will definitely need to dig into your wallet, as this is not a cheap experience. This entails financial planning, which is an important component of being able to go abroad because it is actually often a requirement from Embassies (at least the American Embassy) that you can prove an adequate financial status to fund the stay abroad.

All of this can be an overwhelming process and remembering back, I wish that I had some kind of tool to help me plan my trips abroad in a collective and simple way. My days of studying abroad have gone by, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot use my experience and planning skills to help you guys plan your trips in the easiest way possible!

As a travel lover, I love to plan my trips whether it is in regards to an itinerary or expenses of the trips. Therefore, Microsoft Excel is a good friend of mine. This time, I have teamed up with a Production Planning Professional who is an expert in creating Excel tools for global companies to create this awesome and visually stunning Planning Tool for you to plan your trip abroad. The tool includes checklists, tips, deadline alerts, and a Budget Tool for you to calculate expenses and how much you need to save up periodically to afford your trip abroad. Below is a couple of screenshots of the tool. We spent many hours creating this tool, so I hope that you will like its usability and you are of course welcome to give me feedback! To get a copy of the Planning Tool For Going Abroad, please subscribe to my blog by signing up to my newsletter, follow me on Instagram, and comment below with your email, and I will send you the tool via email.  

I look forward to your feedback! xx Lynn


Sample of the Planning Tool

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