This year, Europe has experienced one of the longest period of hot summer days in years. Although most people complained that it was too hot, I totally enjoyed it. Now that I work and spend most of my day in the office, I tend to always have a need to go out to enjoy the sun after work. It doesn’t really matter to me whether I go out because I want to do something specific or just to hang out by the river and eat an ice cream. Everyone has something that makes them happy right? – Luckily a small thing such as a warm summer evening with a glass of wine or an ice cream can make me the happiest person alive. 

However, to survive the long hot summer season I needed a lot of dresses in which I could survive 36 degrees celsius. Therefore, I made it my mission to shop all cute dresses that I could possibly find online. Those of you, who are already following me on Instagram might have noticed that I have a weakness for polka dots. Of course I ended up buying a bunch of dresses and tops in all kinds of vibrant colors with polka dots. This season is all about this cute pattern on your clothes because it gives you an absolute summer feeling. My favorite dress is the strapped red dress with white polka dots and a side slit (see pictures). Most of the polka dot pieces make you look too cute and innocent but this piece makes me feel so feminine. Unfortunately, summer is almost over but I will wear my cute dresses until the last summer day. Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

xx Lynn


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