Hey girls..It has been a while since I last posted a fashion post, which I have been longing for. The trip to Asia was amazing and I´m glad that I got to visit so many cool places and capture them for you. However, until the next trip, my focus will swift back to fashion, so I hope you will like it!

Not so long ago, I went to Vienna for a business trip right after my big Asia trip and obviously had to take advantages of the numerous beautiful buildings in the city. Normally, I have to search for good backgrounds where I live and believe me, it can be hard! Vienna, however, is simply a paradise for fashion shootings. Once you are within a 5 km. radius of the city center, almost every building can be used for photos, which made is super easy. The background in the photos below is very typical Vienna and you will find it everywhere. 

The weather was cold (5 degrees Celcius) and I opted for a simply jeans, sweater, and wool coat outfit. I actually got the coat and the sweater in one of Seoul´s most popular shopping districts. The green color of the sweater just popped out in the crowd while I was strolling through the city and I simply had to get it. The combination with the beige colored coat may be unusual but I actually found it to fit nicely. Hope you like it!

Talk soon! xx Lynn

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