Today, I have a special announcement to make. As you can take from my previous post (click here), I just graduated a few months ago. Due to this fact, I believe I am in a very special phase of my life at this moment since I now have all the freedom to choose what to make out of my life. Now all career doors are open to me. What are my next steps? Should I take a break and travel the world, find a corporate job or maybe start my own business? What are my career goals? How to reach my career goals etc.

I have been waiting for this moment for so long… waiting for the freedom and independency. As a kid I have always dreamt about becoming a painter, fashion designer, archaeologist or travel guide. I know it sounds random but it is not! I was always passionate about anything creative and traveling. Now, I am finally where I always wanted to be. I’m in the position to choose my path for the future and it’s such a difficult choice. So where did I finally end up?

Girl in Tech

After all this trouble planning my future to become an archaeologist or any of the above mentioned, I ended up starting my career in the corporate world as a professional in tech. Yes, I’m a girl in tech! I will explain that in a later stage. Anyway, that is the reason why I thought it might be nice to talk more about this topic since (I assume) most of you modern girls are interested in career topics. 

Therefore, I am thrilled to make the announcement that I will expand my fashion, travel and lifestyle blog by adding the category ‘career’ on top. This topic will from now on be a big part of my life and I also want to motivate and support you millennial career girls to reach your goals and be successful in your careers. In the new category, I will be able to share my journey, experience as well as motivational career hacks that you can follow. Stay tuned and talk to you soon! xx Lynn

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