You guys know that I absolutely love beaches and to me, summer always means flying south somewhere to soak up some sun and breathe in some fresh ocean breeze. This year, however, I decided to postpone the beach destinations to later this year. Why? There are two reasons for that. First of all, the weather here in Europe is insanely hot this summer, topping 40 degrees celsius. Staying here in Europe is thereby sufficient and I can then go to warmer places during the cold winter. Second of all, in case you haven´t noticed it, Lakes – especially Italian lakes – are really popular this summer! And righteously so as they are magnificent!

Lakes, therefore, are a great alternative to beaches this season. Some of the popular ones are Lake Como, Lake Garda, and Lake Maggiore. T and I visited the latter one, Lake Maggiore, with a group of friends just a few weeks ago. We rented an airbnb on top of a hill with an incredible view of the lake. I didn´t know that lake views could be so captivating – definitely need more of those! Anyway, we didn´t get to swim in the lake because it rained on the day that we wanted to do it, but oh well..the balcony view made up for it. For a popular tourist spot, the food there was really reasonably priced. A pizza for example would set you back €10 only. However, it has to mentioned that we stayed on the Italian side of the lake and not on the Swiss side. I imagine the prices to be somewhat different there.

Do yourself a favor though and try to get accommodation from as high up as possible in order to get that stunning lake/mountain view. Out of the three mentioned lakes, I’m still missing Lake Garda and Lake Como – hopefully I can make it to visit them before the summer is over! What do you prefer: lakes or beaches?

Until next time, guys! xx Lynn


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