As a European, I was born far away from the land downunder… from Sydney. It is known that Europeans love to travel to Australia since it is known for its beautiful nature. This also let me to the curiosity to want to find out what this country was like.

I can still remember the first time when I thought about moving to Australia after high school graduation back in 2011. However, I ended up deciding to move to England for a while since I somehow didn’t dare to move so far away from home at that time. Too bad for me! Over the years, the feeling of wanting to explore Australia didn’t let me go and I finally made it last year in 2016 to travel to the country of my dreams for my semester abroad. I chose to stay in Sydney and it was the best decision of my life. 


Phase of getting to know Sydney

To be honest, it took me a while at the beginning to get used to Sydney and to learn to love and to embrace it. You must be wondering why. I think the looks of the city itself is nothing too special compare to what I have seen so far. I had high expectations of Sydney because of its hype but got disappointed at first because I couldn’t see its real beauty.

However, after a month or two I started to understand that its real beauty is not about the look of the city but it was all about its ‘personality’. Sydney is such a multi-cultural city with so many facets. I fell in love with this city more and more each day. 

To be continued…

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