Mallorca is without doubt the most popular island in Europe and that has its reasons. Although known for being over-invaded by Germans and Brits, this Spanish island has everything that a tropical vacation place needs to attract tourists from all over Europe. We went to Mallorca for five days as a last shot at summer and beach days and even though it was already mid-October, we were lucky enough to have sunshine and 25 Degrees Celsius. A vacation of mine, however, cannot be stated as amazing and complete without having visited a great hotel. This time, we went for something extremely unique and exclusive – Castell Son Claret – a five star luxury hotel located just outside Es Capdeliá in West Mallorca.

The hotel is owned by the German Kühne Family, who bought the castle and remodeled it in 2013, which I can only be thankful for because what an incredible property it has turned into! I´m not a a hardcore travel blogger who has stayed at hotels and resorts all over the world but I have seen my fair share of five star ones and gotta say that Castell Son Claret went straight to the upper part of my list of best hotels.

The hotel has everything that one needs to enjoy a relaxing getaway. An outdoor as well as indoor pool with sauna and steam bath, a two Michelin starred restaurant, hiking/biking trails, and sports facilities like tennis and fitness rooms.

What I appreciated the most though, was the quietness. It didn´t matter if we were in our room, on the balcony, the outdoor pool, or simply anywhere else on the property, peace was always surrounding us. It wasn´t even because there were no other guests there because the place was packed, but everyone was so respectful to another and knew what others appreciated about Castell Son Claret. Therefore, if you´re looking for a hotel to party at, this would not be the right choice. The target group is mostly 30+ year olds who value exclusivity, luxury, and peace, which is definitely offered. We only had two nights on the West Coast before having to head home again, so there are a few things that we didn´t get to enjoy at the hotel such as trying the Two Starred Michelin restaurant, Zaranda, cause as most of you know, I´m a big fan of gourmet meals! Another thing that we missed was taking the time to hike around the beautiful property.

Oh well…I guess it turned out to be a good thing that we couldn´t manage to exploit all of what Castell Son Claret could offer because it leaves room another visit sometime in the future! As for you guys..if you´re planning on going to Mallorca next season (from February 2020, Castell Son Claret will open again), make sure to visit this place to make your trip unforgettable!

As for T and myself, we´d have to wait to come back to Castell Son Claret because other destinations are waiting – next stops will be cold destinations in the form of Prague and Constance before I can enjoy some sun again in Tel Aviv during Christmas and New Years!

Until next time! xx Lynn

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