Remember the days when fashion shows in New York, Paris, and Milan only showcased world known brands such as Fendi, D&G, Versace etc.? Those times were characterised by fashion power houses dictating the trends for every season and dominating the fashion industry by spending countless of dollars on traditional marketing such as magazines, billboards or TV. However, slowly as technology brought us smartphones and numerous social media platforms, things have changed. Fashion design talents are no longer limited to working for global players only in order to show their work. This has opened up doors for smaller brands and independent designers to share their work on a bigger scale through social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. One of the industries that has made heavy use of this opportunity is the Australian fashion industry.

I first got in touched with Australian fashion when I studied in Sydney and saw how fabulous my Australian friends dressed whenever we went out. Naturally, I fell in love with their style and got plenty of inspiration for myself. The popularity of Australian fashion has clearly set its mark on instagram as it is almost impossible to avoid seeing a blogger wear a dress from Alice McCall or Zimmerman when you browse through your instagram feed.

Australian fashion is rooted in Australian women liking to wear closefitting one-piece dresses combined with high heels to show off their figures. Zimmerman dresses, for example, often enable women to expose their shoulders and legs, which actually fits well to the hot climate down under. This trend has in the recent years spread across their borders, which fortunately for us means that we have easier access to their lovely pieces. Their fashion is also characterised by the pieces being filled with various patterns and constructed from multiple layers, which is why I absolutely love Australian design!

Below is one of my takes on Australian fashion. A white two-piece laced dress with flower patterns. Combine it with a nice and elegant clutch and you’re ready for a lovely dinner date!

xx Lynn

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