Currently, it is fall in Europe and I already miss the endless summer nights where you can wear any dress that you want – especially when you are as much into dresses as I am. I find it so difficult to dress accordingly in the cold weather without looking like a fluffy bear. That’s why I started the mission to find cute dresses that can be worn during Fall and Winter to at least get a slight feeling of Summer. 

Earlier this year I discovered square necklines to be my new favorite, especially on dresses. I love this type of neckline on cute Summer dresses but I figured that it would look as chic on dresses suitable for Fall. I now own a few pieces of those but I just can’t have enough, just like Polka Dots dresses which caught my attention this summer. I found a brown square neckline dress from Zara which was perfect for Fall when combining it with white boots. Obviously, I would wear some tights to keep my legs warm (unlike from what the picture shows haha). I will definitely get some more of these dresses for this fall, what about you?

xx Lynn    


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