Our last day in Mallorca was spent in Palma De Mallorca, where we obviously had to enjoy another good meal before heading back home. We stumbled upon Fera on the internet after doing some research for the best restaurants in Palma. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city and is owned by serial entrepreneur, Ivan Levy, who franchised “The Body Shop” stores in the UK. You wouldn’t think though that an expert in cosmetics and skin care could enter the culinary scene and do it so well!

Like I mentioned in my post about Verico, another favorite restaurant of mine in Mallorca, there are two ways for a restaurant to imprint their experience in my memory – either their service is exceptional like in the case of Verico, or their food is so amazing and unique that I would still drool for it just minutes after the meal. As for Fera, we are talking about the latter case. The dishes at Fera were so tasty and different from what T and I have tried before that we were immediately impressed.

We went there on a Sunday and had their “MenĂº Art”, which is only served on the weekends. Needless to say, it was worth the pain of driving there due to a marathon that day.

We started with steak tartar wrapped in seaweed – one word: WAUW! It was followed by the tastiest blue fin tuna that we have ever had. As T and I don’t like Foie Gras, we substituted it with a salmon roll and boy were we glad that we did that. We are big sushi fans and have eaten it a lot in Europe and Asia (not in Japan yet though), but one that we tried at Fera was definitely a real treat – no excessive need for mayonaise or soya to make it tasty, which is a rare thing. The finale consisted of chicken stuffed cannelloni and ended with a perfectly grilled Sea Bass. Each dish was incredibly tasty and we just couldn’t help but be impressed by the quality of them. We did, however, skip dessert because we were too full (a 6-course menu for lunch), so that we will have to try another time.

Fera made its way into my list of top restaurants ever. If you are in Palma and would like to enjoy an unforgettable meal, do pay this fine dining restaurant a visit – I guarantee that you will leave satisfied and happy.

Until next time!

xx Lynn

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