Mallorca has a wide variety of good restaurants to try. From cheap eats to fine dining, Mallorca has something for everyone. Of course my trip to this Spanish island wouldn´t be complete without having a great meal at a renowned restaurant. T and I stayed at Castell Son Claret and looked for a restaurant close by. We found Verico on the top list on Tripadvisor and obviously wanted to try it, which turned out to be a great decision.

Verico is located in Port Andratx – a popular place for the wealthy folks to park their yachts. Naturally, where there are rich folks, there are fine dining restaurants to match their tastes. Verico, an Italian gourmet restaurant, does this well with their tasty and elegantly presented dishes.

We started with beef tartar, which normally isn´t a favorite of mine because of the raw meat. However, Verico managed to make it delicious with truffle. After that, a range of Italian dishes such as ravioli, tagliatelle with black truffle, and grilled seabass – each dish outperforming the one before. It wasn´t the food, however, that impressed us the most – it was the service! Michel, the manager, and his team, were some of the friendliest and attentive restaurant staff that we have ever encountered. Never once were our glasses half empty before it was refilled again. Each waiter asked us every now and then if everything was okay, and this can only be appreciated. The staff greeted everyone with hand shakes (or hugs if you´re a regular). Having visited plenty of restaurants here in Europe and Asia, I can say that what makes a restaurant memorable is mostly its service OR extremely fascinating food. In this case, we´ll always remember Verico in Mallorca for its incredible service along with amazing food. This restaurant is definitely a must-visit if you´re ever in Mallorca!

Until next time, Verico!

xx Lynn

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