When traveling to a destination that has beautiful nature such as Lanzarote, I always try to see as much of it as possible. This time is no exception. I knew that Lanzarote had a lot of beautiful spots to offer and I do believe that I saw most of the important ones.

However, on most trips, I usually take one or two days to stay in a nice hotel to relax by the pool and regain my energy after having driven from attractions to attractions. Therefore, after having visited several attractions on Lanzarote, it was time to cool off in a nice and cozy resort but not without taking advantage of the resort’s beautiful architecture for some photos!

Before jumping into the pool, I explored the resort for cool shooting spots wearing an Urban Outfitters snake patterned dress that nicely tones one’s body. It was super windy so wearing a hat may not have been the best idea but I thought that it complimented the Urban Outfitters dress so well that I just had to make the effort to keep it from flying off!

Hesperia Lanzarote

The name of this beautiful resort is Hesperia Lanzarote and I can highly recommend it whether you’re going there as a couple of as a family – they have activities for everyone. Spa, pools, tennis, volleyball, bars with an ocean view, and evening events such as piano concerts. I tried tennis for the first time in my life and it was so much fun although it was quite exhausting! We didn´t have time to make use of the spa facility but it looked quite dashing.

In the evening, right after our dinner, we joined other guests in resort´s beautiful common area for a piano concert. We enjoyed a few drinks while listening to classical songs – it was definitely one of the nicest experiences I´ve tried. Because we were the youngest couple there, we felt a bit off place. Although I must say that listening to a live piano performance while sipping on cocktails and wine with elegantly dressed people around you felt really nice! Am I getting too old?? Staying here would therefore be my Post Tip #1 for you if you’re going to visit Lanzarote and my Post Tip #2 is to make sure to book a room with either a pool or an ocean view..it´s worth it! xx Lynn

Post Tip #1: Staying at the Hesperia Lanzarote resort.

Post Tip #2: Book a room with either a pool or an ocean view.

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