I hope that you all had a great Christmas and a happy New Year! T and I went to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for the holidays, but more on that in another post. In this post, I’d like to jump back to our weekend getaway up to Christmas.

Winter in Northern Europe can get pretty cold although this year hasn’t been so bad yet. We barely get any sunlight and it’s usually so grey and dark, which is the absolute opposite of vacation vibes!

So what can you do to counter that, you ask? Easy…rent a car and drive a couple of hours or fly if you can find really cheap tickets to a resort and enjoy a short yet perfect weekend getaway! T and I did this quite often in 2019, where we went to Prague in November and did one up to Christmas. The destination was Constance, Germany, where we had a nice room booked at the historical Steigenberger Inselhotel.

This luxury hotel is a popular one especially in the summer as it is located right by the water and guests can jump into Lake Constance from the hotel’s backyard. Obviously we didn’t get to do that since it was winter, but the view of Lake Constance was nonetheless beautiful.

The hotel boasts a rich history as the property itself is an old monastery and has had several interesting owners such as the Zeppelins (the inventors of the Zeppelin airships).

We got a beautifully decorated room with a walk-in closet (every hotel room should have this!) and the room itself had some elegant furniture, which actually turned out to be a great spot for photos! The hotel has two restaurants and a lounge, where we enjoyed their amazing breakfast buffet and drinks in the evening. Learn more about the hotel and book a room on their website: Steigenberger Inselhotel

I found that these weekend getaways did help satisfy my tropical vacation craving slightly, but let’s be real here – I’m a beach person and nothing will beat that 😀 my Christmas trip was to Tel Aviv – a city WITH a beach but it was unfortunately too cold to swim in (I will post about that later). I can therefore only look forward to my upcoming 4-week long trip in February 2020 to…………..ASIA! Where exactly will be revealed later!

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