When I plan on visiting new places, the most important question that usually needs to be answered is: When is the right time to visit (destination, i. e. Copenhagen)? 

Copenhagen has long become my second home since I spent so much time there. After having experienced this city during different seasons, I now feel able to judge which is the right time to visit Copenhagen. Most people would say that it is best to visit Copenhagen during the summer which is obvious. However, I find this Scandinavian city very beautiful and interesting during autumn. 

There is one special thing you should know about Copenhagen before coming here: A rainy day in Copenhagen can be so beautiful and romantic!- Normally I would always chase the sun and hate cold and rainy places. I think you feel the same? Nonetheless, I realized how wonderful a rainy day can be when being at the right place – in Copenhagen. I captured a beautiful rainbow last week but it wasn’t a usual one. The combination of the sunset and rainbow gives the sky an orange and red look. In southern countries usually sunsets would give the sky a purple and pink look. I think it is very nice to see something different. Copenhagen rain sunset is not a typical thing for someone’s bucket list but it should be! 

Take a look at the pictures of the sky and the rainbow that I took for you (even when it meant for me to stand in the rain and get all wet). It was so worth it because this is a beautiful thing that I wouldn’t want to have missed in Copenhagen. The orange sky in combination with the rainbow creates the most unique experience. This is definitely something I will never forget and worth telling you about. xx Lynn




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