We have spent almost a month in Bali and we spent too much time eating since we’re just foodies. The result is that we have checked out almost all of the best restaurants that probably exist in Bali. Surprisingly, we never got bored from our daily fine dining hopping. Each restaurant had its own special concept such as the following. 

Mozaic is a well known name in Bali because of its cute concept of cooking and preparing the meals in front of the guests. The restaurant, owned by chef Chris Salans, serves French cuisine that incorporates local, exotic Balinese ingredients. The fresh approach to French cuisine, the varying menu, and the wide selection of wine has gotten Mozaic several international awards. The place is the only South East Asian restaurant incorporated in the Les Grandes Tables du Monde, which is a compiled list of the finest restaurants in the world. 

The Look

We visited Mozaic during the rainy season, which prohibited us from sitting in their garden. Instead, we got the equally good opportunity to sit in their private dinner room called “The Workshop”. No more than 9 tables were placed in the workshop venue facing the kitchen where we could observe the chef and his team prepare our meal. It was also allowed to walk up to the kitchen for a closer look and talk to the team, which was a really special experience. The Workshop’s theme color was red (walls and the kitchen) and this was contrasted by the nicely decorated white tables.

The Food

We tried Mozaic´s Lunch Tasting Menu, which could be chosen as a 5 course menu or a 7 course one. We went for the 5 course menu, which consisted of starters such as tomato tomato textures, gindara fish carpaccio smoked “a la minute”, seared Indian ocean prawns. The main dishes were Tasmanian Salmon in Balinese coconut oil and roasted duck breast. The menu was wrapped up with a round of Tabanan milk chocolate mousse. The display of food can do much for the experience but at Mozaic it was definitely the taste explosion that is memorable. Whether it was a piece of compressed watermelon or a seared prawn, each bite always made us close our eyes and chew out every little fiber of the ingredients. 

The Service

Our waiter was an older french man who seemed highly experienced and possessed great knowledge of the dishes and wine. We had a pleasing conversation with the sous chef who also happened to be from Scandinavia like my bf. The team was friendly and happy to show what they were cooking, which made the waiting more interesting. The service combined with the well awarded tasty food made the experience at Mozaic worthwhile and it is definitely a place that I´d like to return to. If you´re ever in Bali and in the Ubud area, do yourself a favor and pay this Chris Salans restaurant a visit.

Until next time! xx Lynn

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