In my last post about Vienna I mentioned that I will focus more on fashion in the future but it does not mean that I won’t write about my travels and my tips for you where to stay at.

My extended weekend in Vienna gave me time to see check out the beautiful city center as well as stay at an amazing hotel such as Hotel Altstadt, located in the city´s “Boboville” district. Just like The Coleridge Hotel in Malta (here), Hotel Altstadt´s 49 rooms and suites are uniquely designed. None of the rooms are similar to each other, which makes the experience extra special.


The Room

All the rooms at Hotel Altstadt are designed to give you the true feeling of Viennese art and lifestyle. We were lucky to get one of their newest suits, namely the Opera Suite. As the name already reveals, this suite was beautifully decorated with an opera/classical music theme. A long shelf along one of the suite’s walls was fully stacked with old records and of course, a vinyl player. I had never really experienced a vinyl player before, so I naturally wanted to put on a record immediately and see what is was like. Beethoven caught my eye and on the vinyl it went. I sat down on one of the comfortable barcalounger, closed my eyes, and simply enjoyed the beauty of classical music. The suite itself was bright and clean. The bed as well as the pillows were extremely comfortable, which contributed well to a good night’s sleep after a slightly hectic morning from Frankfurt to Vienna. 


The Atmosphere

If you appreciate peace and class, you will find yourself at home at Hotel Altstadt. We didn’t spend too much time inside the hotel itself since we wanted to check out the city. However, we did get a taste of the atmosphere during their Afternoon Tea, where coffee and tea along with a variety of sweets were offered. Sitting there among older and sophisticated individuals and enjoying my cup of kusmi tea, I weirdly felt more adult and sophisticated myself haha. 


The Service

We actually didn’t have much interaction with the staff besides from checking in/out and during breakfast. However, from what we saw, the staff was fully professional in explaining about the suite, the area, and serving the simple yet amazing breakfast. All in all, Hotel Altstadt is an absolute must when it comes to accommodation in Vienna. Why limit the feeling of Viennese architecture and art to when you’re sightseeing when you can bring that feeling right back to your hotel room while visiting the beautiful capital of Austria.

xx Lynn


Hotel Altstadt Wien: Kirchengasse 41, 1070 Wien, Österreich

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