We often have the imagination that blazers are merely for the office, which isn´t all wrong. The classic formal blazer, especially the ever green black one, is without a doubt a must have for every career girl who wants to look sharp and boss like at the office. However, outside of the office environment, blazers can easily give you the cool girl look that you have been looking for!

For my trip to Malta, I got myself one of these white blazers and found it to be the perfect piece to look chic for a day trip to the city. I simply combined it with my high waist shorts from Levi´s and found a new favorite outfit.

As opposed to the formal black one, a white blazer brightens your upper part and provides your look some edge. Yes, I know..white gets easily dirty, but I´m not telling you to wear this to a camping trip where dinner is comprised of a big portion of spaghetti with red meat sauce. It is a great piece for a city brunch or dinner without being overdressed. However, just because it is white doesn´t mean that you cannot use it for the office. Combing it with the appropriate shirts and pants and you will have a new favorite work outfit! xx Lynn

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