We have now entered September and fall is officially on Europe’s doorsteps. Gone are the hot summer days where you can you lie and sunbathe by a beach, lake, or simply in a park. However, the approaching of colder weather does provide incentives for travelling and this can be done in two ways. Either people hunt for sunshine and beaches in the more southern destinations OR they seek something that is different from the usual tropical places and which offers stunning scenery with a breeze of fresh air. Fall is the best season to visit one of these places, which is Iceland.


The Jump of Iceland’s Popularity

Over the past years, Iceland’s tourist industry has been booming intensely. The country became one of Europe’s most popular destinations. According to the European Travel Commission (ETC), Iceland had an incredible 40% growth increase in arrivals in 2016. This was 20% more than the country with the second best growth for that year, Cyprus. Consequently this has also meant a strong growth for Keflavik International Airport, the main gateway to Iceland, as well as for Iceland’s WOW Air. The airline can take some credits for improving the access to Iceland through its daily flights from Europe/US to Reykjavik, the country’s capital.

Iceland is known for its stunning nature but this has always been there. So the question is why everyone just opened up their eyes for its beauty in the last few years? We can explain it by two things: technology advancement and the increased use of social media. Technology has given private users access to advanced cameras and drones enabling them to record the magnificence of Mother Nature. High quality pictures and bird viewed videos have then been actively shared on social media, immensely contributing to the popularity of Iceland. Therefore, are you one of those who have seen amazing pictures or videos of attractions like the Blue Lagoon or Iceland’s massive icy landscape? Would you like to take a dive into geothermal water yourself and look into a crater? If yes, then Iceland would definitely be worth a visit!


The Island is in the Atlantic Ocean, located between Greenland and Norway is about the size of Portugal or Virginia. Its existence is rooted in large volcanic fissure between the Eurasian and American tectonic plates and until this day, Iceland is home to some of the most active Volcanos in the world. This Volcanic activeness has, in turn, created some of the most beautiful landscapes that you will ever see. My trip to Iceland lasted for only one week but yet it was one of the most memorable weeks of my life. Never before had I experienced such peace and quietness in nature. Words, however, can hardly describe the country’s beauty, so below are a few captures from my trip to Iceland. For tips about Iceland, please stay tuned for my upcoming Iceland Travel Guide. Until then, enjoy the pictures below – I hope you will like them! 

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