Playa Blanca was such a cute city that we decided to return for the second time to experience the coziness of this city to the fullest. You can read more about my first day in Playa Blanca in a former post (here).What I really loved about Playa Blanca was the balance between the size of the location and the number of tourists. Although among the most popular resorts on Lanzarote, Playa Blanca was not overly crowded (at least not while I was there). This time we arrived to Playa Blanca after having spent the day exploring Timanfaya National Park (absolutely amazing btw.)

We did not do any research on what to see or where to eat dinner in Playa Blanca since it was rather small and we felt like playing it by ear. Below, a bit more about my second evening there.

Playing it by ear when it comes to finding a restaurant is a matter of luck but this time we had luck on our side. I was surprised because from experience, more often than not, spontaneous decisions have a way of turning to into regrets – I can’t tell you how many times we have had bad meals because we didn’t bother to do any research online haha. This time, however, we hit the bullseye regarding everything. The only time we used google was to see which direction was to the water. We then started to walk and found countless of beautiful spots for photos.

When we reached the coast, it was like we had found a small exclusive paradise. A small but beautiful beach with clear blue water was appropriately crowded with locals and tourists. Along the beach was a flowery and clean street with restaurants, shops, and hotels. The appropriate number of people allowed me to capture pictures with only me on it – how often do you get to do that by a nice beach in a popular tourist city? 



As I strolled through beautiful Playa Blanca, I wore a yellow polka dotted top combined with a white skirt, white shoes, and a straw hat as well as bag. The weather was around 25 degrees C which wasn’t too extreme, so the skirt was not too hot. As you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of polka dotted items at the moment – they are a such a good fit for summer! Anyways, I hope that the outfit and the pictures will fall in your taste.

Have a lovely sunday! xx Lynn



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